Micro home business goes nationwide

Robbie is a young entrepreneur and talented piano player. As with almost every piano lesson the pupil visits the teacher or the teacher makes house calls.

When Covid 19 required sheltering his business went dry in one day. We designed an online piano lesson platform for him and he not only regained his pupils back but now has to limit his customer base. He never worries about tolerating late payers, tardy students or potential health risks, Robbie chooses who he works with.

Restaurant delivers

Juan owns a restaurant that was very busy prior to Covid 19. And as soon as sheltering was mandatory the business declined to a trickle. His business developed a new online store with delivery outsourced to door dash. And because he used a POS that captured mobile numbers and emails he easily informed his regular customers that the doors were “virtually” opened again for business.

Restaurant competes in the grocery business

Just like Juan, Bob found his business suffering from sheltering requirements. In looking for alternative solutions Bob found that his customers did not enjoy buying their groceries from the big boxes. SInce he ordered food for his business he began a grocery distribution offering online. Not only was he back in business delivering menu items to his customers but he now provided them with food staples as well.

Discovering solutions new market demands

An already successful online Amazon marketer wanted to diversify from Amazon to her own online store. Developing a system of capturing data trends for products and services developed a new online presence for her. Who knew that Covid 19 would create the highest demand for above ground pools in modern history. But discerning the trend before it became a demand helped her dive into a new market. In this case, cash was needed to procure products so we developed a funding system through partners.
So what ideas do you have? We would love to help you take your current business model from brick and mortar to online. For example, maybe, that unique knowledge you have about coffee can be the beginning of a membership site that offers not only unique introductions to exotic coffees but provides its coffee officinatos with most modern coffee devices for making that perfect brew.

Or maybe you’re a Texan away from home and know how to smoke a mean brisket the filet mignon of the Lone Star State. Let us help you get that Texas To Go culinary delight out to the Yankees in your new home. Data trends will demonstrate that there is a great interest in the mystique and novelty of Texas BBQ. We’ll help you design your business plan, fund it and create an online demand in no time!